Monday, November 17, 2008

Two more days and my sweet Jeremy gets home!!!

This is part of the email he sent me this morning. It is so bitter sweet to know that this is the end of something that has been sooo good for Jeremy and our family. But I am sure that there more wonderful things to come.

From Jeremy-
I have alot of mixed emotions. To be honest it really hasn't sunk in. I feel like I have been a missionary my whole life and that i am jsut going to be transferred. I guess in a way I am, but it's a really undescribable feeling. I got cassies package. It was AWESOME. I got it the day I was really sick so ai slept in the hat and scarf and these sungalsses i bought at a thrift store. I felt like a fighter pilot. I even made machine gun noises for a little.
Haha, work on Tuesday? Yeah right. :) J/k I am getting up at like 4:30 AM and taking a bus to Lubbock! I will spend the whole day with my buddies I am going home with, and then we will have a departing interview and dinner with our mission president. Tonight at 8 PM is my last teaching appointment as a full-time missionary. It will be cool. The awesome thing is that yesterday we had 2 investigators at church. They are the first ones in like a year. One is going to be baptised for sure. His brother is in our ward, and we didnt even know. It was sweet. Kind makes me want to stay.(no offence, I want to see y'all also)Well Thank you for all the e-mails. I am really excited to talk in person. It will be a good time. Anyways, I love you. :)

I lvoe you.-Elder Jeremy "Viva Oregon!(for a couple weeks)" Hillam


The Churches said...

Cute, cute site! You guys are so fun- this'll be a good way to keep in touch once y'all desert us. :) I think my step-brother and your son left about the same time; my Jeremy was in NM. They weren't too far apart geographically either...

jenn said...

Cindy-Have a wonderful day tomorrow with your boy! I see that he is giving his homecoming talk on the 30th.We are going to be out og town.I am soo sad.I will call you all in a few days to see if I can see you all.