Tuesday, November 25, 2008


What a week. Jeremy has been home almost a whole week. This week has just zoomed by. Is'nt it ironic that time flys bye so fast when you wished it would'nt and drags when you want things to hurry along. Humm I am sure there are good reasons for this. (to drive us all nuts)
I want to take the time and write a few things I am thankful for.
First and formost is my sweetheart. Things are so stressful right now. I am a real grump... Lane works both ends of the candle trying to get everything done. I love him sooo much.
Second: My family: My sweet mom and dad. They are the best and I am know that they are so happy to be together again and watch over us each day. I am blessed with such sweet children Rachelle, Chelsea, Jesse, Jeremy, Cassie and my grandson Kylin. They are so kind to each other and to me. My sisters Joan and Laurie they are my rock, and all my aunts and uncles, Lanes side of the family. I love them soooo much too. One could never wish for such a great family and get it. I did! I know that I am so blessed to have them all.
Third: The church! My life would be a mess if I did not have such a wonderful base for my life and my family.
Fourth: My friends, All I can say is thats what friends are for.

I am so grateful for the chance to live here in Oregon and live in such a beautiful state. I look forward to the new adventures in Idaho.

Happy Thanks giving eveyone!!!

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