Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The eagle has landed

Elder Hillam made it home!!! Yea... His plane had a tail wind and was 25 minutes early. We almost missed the big Hah Raaa!!! As he walked toward us this is what he saw. A bunch of crazies with funny cowboy hats on. Oh my what a site.
He looks so wonderful I could not quit staring at him. This day I will never forget!!!

What a wonderful day. Lots of good friends and family. We are so grateful for Jeremy and the choice he made to serve the Lord for two years of his young life. I am so thankful for the church and all is does for me and my family. We are very blessed. 11/19/08 we will never forget...


Heather said...

Welcome home Elder!

Those are great pictures. So much fun!

5xblsd said...

Welcome home Jeremy.
Cindy maybe you can give me tips on how to last 2 years without your boys. It won't be long until the twins go.

Snaphappy said...

Hi "Blondee"! It was fun to see your comment on my blog - so I decided to check yours out! I can't believe Jeremy is home already - congratulations, what a happy holiday time for your family! I'm sad to hear you are moving to Idaho - I hope everything goes well for you there! Are you moving to the Rexburg area? If so - watch for the Thayne family (10 kids - you can't miss them) they just moved there from our ward and are awesome!! 5 of the girls were in our YW. Sorry for the long comment!