Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Traditions

Kylin is helping grandma make a salad for Thanksgiving dinner. What would I have done without such a good little helper.
Thanksgiving 2008. It is good to have everyone here again.

Every year the day after Thanksgiving we go to Tillamook and eat grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream. Then we go and hang out at the beach. This is one tradition we will definately miss when we are in Idaho. We missed Chelsea and Jesse they were trying to get something done while we took Kylin.

Smiles, which one is Kylin? WOW thoes french fries have eyes! (and a smile)

We love Agate beach. Today it was very overcast but my two girls brightened up the beach...

I am not sure what they are doing but they look cute anyways!!


The Bui's said...

What a beautiful family. We're going to miss you. I don't even want to think about it.

jenn said...

I enjoy your blog so much.I am sad we missed Jeremy's homecoming talk.
We had a blast at Great Wolf Lodge.You all need to go there when you are back here sometime.Any ideas on when you are hitting the road for Idaho?
Love you-Jennifer

5xblsd said...

I will for sure take you up on your offer for lunch or a place to stay. I hate to see you go, I feel like we have grown up together. You all be safe and happy in your new home and thank goodness for blog and facebook so we can keep in touch and see what each other are up too. Love Lisa

Carroll Conversations said...

Please tell me you guys aren't gone yet? We were so sad to miss your farewell party. With all the snow it doesn't feel like we got to tell you all goodbye. You'll just have to come back often to visit. Missed seeing you at church today.

Lindsey said...

Hi Cindy! I found your blog! Hope all is well, take care.

fragrant breeze said...

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